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The Work Bench


USS Elliot
The workbench
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USS Elliot

This is the DML 1/350 Spruance class destroyer. It gives three different alternative for the name of the ship you want to model. In this instance,  I chose the USS Elliot.
As with all these DML kits, and most kits for that part, the quality is good but lacks in small detail. This is where the Gold Medal Models Photo Etch is a must for these kits.
Construction is straight forward, begining with the hull halves being put together. I found that their was a small fit problem here, so I used gap filling super glue to correct this problem. Another small problem that I encountered, was the fit of the bow section of the deck, and the midship section. These didnt quite fit flush with the sides, so I had to file down and fill with putty to correct this.

Here I've used styrene stock for added support on the insides of the hull. This prevents any movement of the sides once the decking is in place, which would crack the filler putty.

Hull support with styrene

I've cut out the windows on the bridge here.

Bridge windows cut-out

Here the deck is in place with the seams filled with Bondo glazing putty.

Hull seams

Because the propeller shaft was so warpped and thick, I used small dia. aluminum tubing to make new propeller shafts.

New prop shaft