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The Work Bench


The workbench
Various German Flak guns
M4 Sherman tank (early production)
TBF Avenger
EA-6A Intruder
USS Enterprise CVN-65
The Navy ship(s)
F6F-3 Hellcat
F-51D Mustang
HH 60-D Nighthawk
AH-1S Cobra
AH-64 Apache
Finished models
Psycho House (Bates mansion) not so military related.
USS Enterprise CVN-65


This will be the Tamiya's USS Enterprise CVN-65. I have ordered this kit from mail order. This project will take me a few years to build. I will add the airwing of approximately 85 aircraft. Each individual aircraft will have photoetch brass, and aftermarket decals. I also have the actual plans from the Enterprise, as I will need to add a complete hanger deck inside. As their are alot of inaccuracies with this Tamiya kit, alot of research and extra work will be involved to make this as accurate as possible for the time frame being depicted.(yet to be determined).
So far I have purchased six extra aircraft kits from Tamiya, yet building all 85 aircraft, and having to buy all them, would not be very cost effective. I have a friend that casts resin, and he will help me out duplicating all the planes in resin. Maybe this will be a little easier, and easier on the pocket book.

Resources came from the following:

Ship plans came from The Floating drydock.
Photo etch came from Toms modelworks, and Gold Medal Models.
Aftermarket decals came from Dunagin and Gold Medal Models.

Reference materials
Bert Kinzy's USS Enterprise, in Detail & Scale.
US Naval Aircraft Carriers
Carriers of the Pacific Fleet

Most helpfull of all, was a good friend of mine who used to be an Officer on the ship, his material and knowledge has been invaluble.

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(below) Aircraft set #1, which is from Tamiya, comes kind of as an aftermarket set due to the fact that they did not include the right aircraft within the kit.

(below) Aircraft set #2. This set has the more recent modern aircraft, depending on which version of the ship your building.